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Intelligent Pest Management™

Every living creature is engaged in a constant competitive struggle for food and shelter. Some of these creatures represent the top of their evolutionary chain, having remained unchanged for millions of years, long before the first humans walked the earth.

We, on the other hand, are the one species that have crossed almost all our natural barriers; compounded by our burgeoning population, we keep placing ever-increasing demands for means of food and shelter. And wherever we settle down, we create these means not only for ourselves but also for others, some of which are already there, and some which move in later

As their populations grow, they come into open conflict with us, eating our food, destroying our shelter, causing disease. That’s when they become a nuisance or “pest.” These pests, however, play an important part in the natural eco-system and will be around for a long time to come. A blanket application of chemical pesticide only provides a temporary solution - the inherent side effects to our environment render this option unacceptable in the long run. KPC believes in an integrated approach towards pest management. We tackle pest problems through the use of carefully selected and well-documented strategies. After studying the pest and the surroundings, a conscious and judicious mix of non-chemical and chemical methods is applied.

In cases where there is no option but to use a chemical, the choice of chemical and dosage is based on its safety profile: chemicals that are low in human toxicity (good safety profile) yet extremely effective against target pests, are the preferred choice. Most importantly, it is the decision to use or not to use a certain component that oft determines success or failure. Common sense has no substitute; true IMP as we believe, is nothing but Intelligent Pest Management.

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